Dyslexia In Children Education Program

My child has been diagnosed with dyslexia which educational program is the best to help them?

This is a question I get asked all the time and with good reason – it can become very confusing and very expensive to support a child with dyslexia, believe it or not though the answer it relatively simple.

Every child has a personal learning profile, that is;

  • Their specific learning strengths
  • Their specific learning weaknesses….. and
  • How they like to learn

The best way to formalise a learning profile is to have a diagnostic learning assessment done. See below in the box for the best person to do this. It is recommended that a diagnostic assessment be completed before you start spending money on programs that may not work for your particular child. Your time and money is precious so it is important to get it right from the beginning

Who is qualified to test your child for dyslexia?

  • An in-school learning support teacher or counsellor with the appropriate postgraduate qualifications. You need to check qualifications thoroughly. If you require further clarification check with the dyslexic association in your state of territory.
  • A developmental paediatrician, however you may need a referral from your family doctor
  • A developmental child psychologist.
  • An educational neuropsychologist.
  • An educational psychologist, who may be allocated to assist you through your Government Education Department.
  • A children’s hospital will often have a department specifically for children with development or specific learning disabilities where all the appropriate specialists are available. This can include, paediatricians, psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, teachers and others. These departments often have close links with education authorities meaning you may not need further testing and will receive a comprehensive report covering all aspects of your child’s learning disability, support services and what you can do to support them effectively.
  • A private clinic that specialises in the diagnosis of children’s developmental and learning disabilities, specifically dyslexia.

Once you have a profile you will find that the specialist who has conducted the assessment should be able to provide you with a list of appropriate programs to use. The idea is to find a program that uses your child’s strengths to overcome their weaknesses. This will provide the best results for your child. When your child sees their progress with their own eyes, it so much easier to keep them motivated to continue to learn.

To find a resource list of the many programs on offer to assist children with learning difficulties and dyslexia access the free resources on my ever growing website www.helpingchildrenwithdyslexia.com

There are some programs however, that are all rounders…programs I recommend time and time again that always have great results. These include:

  • Touch Type Read Spell a UK based multi-sensory program that is used extensively throughout Europe with great results


  • Toe by Toe by Keda Cowling another fantastic and inexpensive manual based literacy program that can be used one to one by teachers, tutors or parents

http://www.toe-by-toe.co.uk/   …and

The Ten Minute Tutor a fun and affordable ten-minute video based tutorial program that I have created in response to the needs of the many students, parents and teachers I come in contact with on a regular basis, with my work. I am the teacher on the streamed videos that can be accessed via the internet on any computing device. This multi-sensory program teaches phonics, spelling, reading practise (with real stories and the song lyrics of popular songs). What sets this program apart is that it also improves self-confidence with life skill video tutorials and inspirational interviews with people who have struggled at school but have gone on to achieve life happiness and success. The program consists of short ten-minute videos and downloadable worksheets. You can see more at www.thetenminutetutor.com

For the most extensive list of free dyslexia resources and list of assessors go to www.helpingchildrenwithdyslexia.com

To help your child learn to read and spell and catch up at school go to www.thetenminutetutor.com


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